Bill - After my 4th week on MBF, I have lost 22 pounds. I've stuck 100% to the meals provided, with just a very few extra snacks. The food is fresh, filling, interesting and tastes great! Chef Alvin and his team are pros.

Carrie - I am three months in and I have lost 25 pounds! I look and feel drastically better. And how much I appreciate the convenience factor can't be overstated! No shopping, no cooking, no falling off the wagon because I didn't have time. This is truly life-changing!

Kaitlyn - I've tried a bunch of diets - nothing ever stuck. MIND BODY FUEL is different - no cravings or crashes. And, I'm down 24 pounds in four weeks!

Don - 2 months progress report...great tasting food, taste buds are more sensitive and enhanced (ex: berries are sweeter), 12 lbs leaner, reduced fat comp, more free time, fewer cravings, and increased mental clarity and sharpness. MBF is definitely a game changer.

Chris - Thank you Mind Body Fuel for having an amazing impact on my life. I've lost 10+ pounds (fast), the food is spectacular and is cooked by a gourmet chef. This has been nothing short of transforming.

Simon - MBF is amazing and the meals are delicious. The lifestyle change is dramatic. More energy, more clarity in thought, no 4:00PM crash and burn, with the added bonus of losing weight.