MIND BODY FUEL meal service is available in convenient delivery plans to fit your lifestyle.

MBF 19: This is everything you should be eating (19 individually packed meals) delivered each week. This is our most astonishing plan both in terms of variety (you’ll never have the same dish twice in a given week) and in results… For those serious about improving body composition, mental clarity, disease resistance… this is the nutrition plan for you!

MBF 14: We’re all busy and sometimes need a little flexibility. This plan gives you a selection of 14 individually packaged, healthy meals that are conveniently delivered every week. It offers some leeway to have a business lunch or dinner date. Make good decisions on those “extra-curricular” meals (our coaching helps!) and you’ll be well on your way to feeling the benefits of MIND BODY FUEL!

MBF Flexplan: 7 meal options are available for households already participating in the MBF 19 & 14.


The MIND BODY FUEL Ignition plan is a potent choice for those seeking a trial option. If you’d like to experience many of the benefits of the MBF system, this three-week plan is for you. Simply eat what’s in the box, and you’ll see and experience results in less than 21 days. That’s all it takes to experience results!




The MIND BODY FUEL Integration plan provides a powerful, targeted six-week duration that will provide massive shifts in your life - weigh loss, mental clarity, and reduced selling in the body is just the beginning. If you’re ready for a massive shift in your life, upgrade to Integration.




The MIND BODY FUEL Immersion plan is for those committed to tectonic shifts in lifestyle and wellness. This plan facilitates massive shifts in “quality of being”. A commitment to 12 weeks of MIND BODY FUEL is the gateway to a brand new, upgraded you!